Where else to discover celebrity tattoo artists than Miami Ink tattoo studio? We’re on the hunt for some of the best tattoos and tattoo art in the world at Miami Ink Tattoo Studio! We talk to a tattoo artist about his tattoo design ideas at the studio Ami James calls home – Love Hate Tattoo.

I’m Jose from ‘Love Hate Tattoos’, also  known as ‘Miami Ink’ in Miami, Florida. We have the best  staff, which includes resident artists and also rotating guest  artists from all over the world.

We have Federico Ferroni, Morgwn Pennypacker,  James Hamilton, Ami James, Tim Hendricks, Janos Masz, Darren Brass,  Chris Garver and many more.

Basically Ami James and Chris Nunez decided to  open up a shop in South Beach. They had all the experience,  friends, and everyone’s support. What they were doing caught on  like wild fire and they ended up with a TV show, but in the end  they went back to tattooing.

We outgrew the original shop, so now it’s bigger  and nicer. We got all the art on the walls and it’s much more  comfortable and feels much more like home.

In the shop every artist has a station, and  in the back we have a magic room, the drawing room where all the  magic happens.

We do a ton of brainstorming so most of the  drawings are not drawn just by one person. There’s always somebody  there to kick back ideas with you.

Everything we do is custom drawn. We strongly  suggest our clients to bring in their reference so it’s easier to get  ideas on paper and make it what they want. People often pick right  from our portfolios.

Tattooing is a very difficult art, the skin is  constantly changing and everyone’s skin is different. Just about  everyone could do a tattoo but not everyone can do a good tattoo.

Make sure you always ask for portfolios and look at people’s work.

“We’re at ‘Love  Hate Tattoos’, to interview the artists of the best temple of  tattoos. The parlor is also known as ‘Miami Ink’, name of the American reality TV show which is filmed in the same place. It’s  late afternoon.

A girl enters the  parlor during the interview. She opens her tattoo portfolio very  resolutely and shows it to one of the artists.

She works as a  hostess for the British Airways. She just got here from London but  she’s leaving again tomorrow. A quick break from work just to get  the tattoo of her dreams. She pulls up her t-shirt and shows the  artists where exactly she wants the tattoo.

The artists suggest  the abdomen. Everything’s set in less than five minutes. The  artists make a temporary tattoo and transfer it on her abdomen. The  hostess looks at the tattoo in the mirror, she seems pleased.

She lies down on the  bed. The needle starts injecting ink but she keeps a straight face,  no visible signs of pain. She can stand the pain pretty well.

After almost two  hours, the work of art is complete.


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