The local market in Telavi is a great place to explore authentic produce and get to know Georgian food! We really got a taste for Georgian food at this farmers market. So many flavours! Do you like to explore the local fresh market when you travel? Come and discover Georgian cuisine!

We are in the department of poultry. Here you can buy all kinds of meat – goose, chicken, turkey – which is very popular in Georgia.

They are removing the feathers from the poultry. They also remove the inner parts – like the lungs and intestines – and then the fresh meat goes to the houses of the clients.

Here they are selling meat, mostly pork and beef. It comes from local sources and ecologically clean productions. People here buy meat for their feast days, but mostly for barbecues. Barbecues are very popular in this region.

This is called churchkhela, a traditional Georgian sweet that we usually have at New Year. Inside the churchkhela are walnuts or hazelnuts, and the outside is caramel made from grape juice. Here we have walnuts, another Georgian production. Here you see dried fruits – dried figs, black plums, apples.

We make maize bread in Georgia, it’s very popular. From this maize flour, we create a bread called mchadi. And here in these bottles we have homemade grappa and wine.

Here we have different kinds of beans, and we prepare very good soups.

In Georgia, we have three main types of cheese. We have a “fat” cheese called guda, a salty and full fat cheese. Then we have imeruli cheese. We use this cheese to make khachapuri – Georgian pizza.

Here we are by the spices. Spices are very popular, especially in Georgian cuisine. Here we have different kinds of chilies, black pepper, coriander, saffron, sumac. What we have here is used mostly in Georgian cuisine.

In the Kakheti region, lots of farmers make homemade spirits. For example, Georgian grappa – up to 60% alcohol, brandy and cognac. People buy it for home consumption. In Telavi Bazar, you can find lots of places selling homemade brandy and grappa. This is Telavi Bazar. We’ve seen Georgian food. Everything here is natural. Come and visit this place, because here you will feel the Georgian spirit.

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